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About PALS

The Key to the Beginning of Pals Place

PALS is an acronym for Preston And Lisa Sain. This is a group home that specializes in caring for adults on the autism spectrum disorder. 

About PALS

PALS is being started because of a boy named Preston, he is my son. He is a happy, yet behaviorally challenged young man who is nonverbal with severe autism. His dad (my husband) died when he was just 18 months old and I have raised him alone his whole life. With that being said, I realized as he has grown older that he would need to be placed into a group home. The problem is that there are not any homes that specialize in autism in our county. Hence, PALS. We are a group home that caters to autism with trained staff and one very experienced and passionate owner. This website's purpose is to post updates on PALS & to help others understand what our home entails. The home's foundations in caring for our residents will be based upon Christian values and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques and strategies to help residents manage behaviors, and live a happy, safe life. We want families to feel at ease that their loved ones are in a caring, safe, clean, and nurturing environment that understands the needs of individuals with autism. Thank you for visiting! We look forward to opening our doors! 

Lisa Sain 


Special Needs, Special Care

A Loving Mother and Son!
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